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  • Stop Automatic checkout of SSIS Packages in Visual Studio

    Every once in a while I work on a project affected by this issue. What happens is that upon loading a solution the project(s) are immediately checked out when no actual changes have been made to them. The issue is very irritating and can hinder collaborative work. After some investigation I have found a way to resolve the issue. I found the changes...
    Posted to Jonathon Eve-O'Connor's Blog (Weblog) by JEOC on 03-20-2015
  • Connecting To Google BigQuery From SSRS

    Recently I have been investigating Google BigQuery as a potential tool for use in a client Datawarehousing project. The first thing I wanted to check was that it was suitable as a source for standard reports. Excel support is well documented, I wanted to try it from SSRS to determine if I would be able to retrieve the data using other tools aside from...
    Posted to Jonathon Eve-O'Connor's Blog (Weblog) by JEOC on 03-20-2015
  • Getting Started With Windows Azure Files Service

    One of the exciting new features I have been using recently in Azure is the new ‘Azure Files’ service. Currently this is only available in preview, however I have already found it to be very useful. What this does is that it allows you to setup a storage account in the cloud, this is similar to the BLOB storage (not currently accessible in the same...
    Posted to Jonathon Eve-O'Connor's Blog (Weblog) by JEOC on 03-17-2015
  • Setting Up Credentials For Azure Automation

    Recently I have been working with Simon Whiteley on a project to produce a scalable BI solution in the cloud. To achieve this we have been using the Azure Automation feature (see here for further details) to schedule Azure PowerShell runbooks which we have been using to determine the status of VM’s in the environment and changing their configuration...
    Posted to Jonathon Eve-O'Connor's Blog (Weblog) by JEOC on 03-17-2015
  • A Morning with Scott Guthrie

    Monday saw the UK Azure usergroup hosting the legendary ScottGu for a morning of all-things-Azure. The excited crowds outside the sell-out arena are testament to the respect for Scott’s opinion around the current cloud landscape and his thoughts on the future. But what of the talk itself? What followed was a bit of a mixed bag – the audience was of...
    Posted to Simon Whiteley's Blog (Weblog) by Simon.Whiteley on 03-05-2015