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  • Master Data Services Staging Tables Setup

    This is just a quick tip for Master Data Services, specifically around the setup of new entities. When creating new Master Data Services entities one of the settings that you can choose is the Staging Table Name, which is an optional setting: As it says in the screenshot, if you do not complete the field, the entity name will be used. This might be...
    Posted to Jeremy Kashel's Blog (Weblog) by Jeremy Kashel on 05-19-2015
  • Master Data Services Permissions Guide

    I’ve had a few questions recently on various projects around the Master Data Services Model Object permissions. At a simple level they can be quite easy to master, but can get more complex as you try and combine the different permissions to create your desired security setup. This guide assumes that you’ve set the Functional Area Permissions and given...
    Posted to Jeremy Kashel's Blog (Weblog) by Jeremy Kashel on 05-13-2015
  • Currency Conversion (Triangulation Arbitrage)

    Some systems use a single currency as a base, which is something that I noticed recently when working with IBM Congos Controller, e.g. USD to convert local currencies into. But what if you want / need to rebase into another currency but still retain the original base? This doesn’t appear to be easy to achieve within Cognos Controller itself, but it...
    Posted to Ust Oldfield's Blog (Weblog) by Ust Oldfield on 05-12-2015
  • How to setup Datazen Enterprise Server

    Microsoft has recently acquired Datazen, a powerful platform for data visualization. From the presentation to video demonstration it seems to be a very powerful tool that it is worth investigating. As an environment for my Datazen installation I used an Azure Windows Server VM (configured with an HTTP endpoint) as the host and Azure SQL server (with...
    Posted to Francesco Sbrescia (Weblog) by francescoS on 05-07-2015