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  • Professionnel | Pearltrees

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    Posted to Martyn Bullerwell's blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on 11-19-2014
  • Adatis BI Hackathon – Q3 2014 Inaugural Hack Day

    Hackathons or ‘Hack Days’ are incredibly common in the wider development community. They encourage innovation, research, cross-team communication and collaboration. However, many people working with the SQL Server BI stack don’t see themselves as real developers and, as such, don’t see themselves as eligible for such events. Here at Adatis HQ we disagree...
    Posted to Simon Whiteley's Blog (Weblog) by Simon.Whiteley on 11-10-2014
  • SQL PASS Summit - Day 3

    Today was the final day of the pass summit. The schedule was a little different in the morning with no keynote speech. Instead I opted to see Jerimiah Peschka’s session ‘Dynamic SQL: Build Fast, Flexible Queries’. This was an interesting talk, which covered the security aspects of dynamic SQL and how to avoid things such as SQL injection and also how...
    Posted to Jonathon Eve-O'Connor's Blog (Weblog) by JEOC on 11-09-2014
  • SQL PASS Summit 2014 – Day 3 & Summary

    Here we are, the final day of the conference and my time in Seattle. I am writing this just before boarding the plane home. The sun finally revealed itself in the morning! Great weather, shame we were inside. No Keynote but instead there were two morning sessions before lunch. I choose to go to a talk on the key issues with Power BI. These were actually...
    Posted to Dan Evans' Blog (Weblog) by Dan Evans on 11-08-2014
  • SQL PASS Summit – Day 2

    This morning started with a talk from Rimma Nehme a key Microsoft architect. The talk was informative and clearly Azure and the cloud are something which Microsoft are very keen, it was well thought through and there was a fantastic analogy between pizza and different flavours of Azure which is not what I had expected. Adam Machanic did a presentation...
    Posted to Jonathon Eve-O'Connor's Blog (Weblog) by JEOC on 11-07-2014