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  • Azure HDInsight Polybase Example

    Polybase has now made it over to SQL Server 2016 and is available to use as part of the SQL Server 2016 CTPs. One of its capabilities is to connect to Azure Blob Storage, so this blog post gives an overview of how you can use Polybase to connect to data in Azure HDInsight. Installing Polybase in SQL Server 2016 Polybase will appear in the standard feature...
    Posted to Jeremy Kashel's Blog (Weblog) by Jeremy Kashel on 10-07-2015
  • Video : Build an Automated Multilingual Product Dimension with Power BI Desktop

    I’ve recorded a short video (< 10 minutes) showing off some of the data manipulation/transformation/integration capabilities of Power BI Desktop.  In this video I take some raw product data and a set of international languages and build a Product dimension that contains translations of each of the raw products for each of the supplied languages...
    Posted to Sacha Tomey's blog (Weblog) by sachatomey on 09-29-2015
  • Enhanced Analysis Services Multidimensional Support in Datazen

    Datazen is a great new addition to the MS BI stack which has been greeted with much enthusiasm since the announcement from Microsoft they had acquired it and it would be freely available to use for customers with SQL Enterprise licenses. However there have been a few complications around how the interface with Analysis services worked – the main one...
    Posted to Jonathon Eve-O'Connor's Blog (Weblog) by JEOC on 09-23-2015
  • Data Quality Services Leading Values

    The Leading Values checkbox is one of the options available when you setup a domain within DQS Domain Management . I’ve run a couple of courses and demos recently on DQS and one of the questions that cropped up was what does the Leading Values checkbox do? This blog post will explain the Leading Values option by showing a few examples. Domain Management...
    Posted to Jeremy Kashel's Blog (Weblog) by Jeremy Kashel on 09-22-2015
  • Connecting SQL Server to R

    In this post I’m going to use R to retrieve some data from SQL Server. In order to use R in conjunction with SQL Server, but in the absence of SQL Server 2016 and its soon to be incorporated R functionality, it is necessary to use a few workarounds in order to produce the desired outcome. R is a package based platform and does not inherently communicate...
    Posted to Ust Oldfield's Blog (Weblog) by Ust Oldfield on 09-15-2015