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  • Nonclustered Columnstore Indexes And Stored Procedures

    I was recently working on a project with a developer who needed to execute a stored procedure which followed this pattern (amended for simplicity): CREATE PROC ExampleProc AS IF ( SELECT COUNT (*) FROM Sys.indexes WHERE name = 'NCCIDX_DemoIndex' ) > 0      DROP INDEX [NCCIDX_DemoIndex] ON [dbo].[Demo] INSERT INTO [dbo...
    Posted to Jonathon Eve-O'Connor's Blog (Weblog) by JEOC on 08-19-2014
  • DQS Reference Data Services with SSIS

    Rather than just using the the local domain values in its internal knowledge base, Data Quality Services (DQS) can instead clean data by using external reference data. This is a feature called Reference Data Services and in this blog post I’m going to show an example of cleaning SSIS data by connecting to the Azure Data Market. Azure Data Market After...
    Posted to Jeremy Kashel's Blog (Weblog) by Jeremy Kashel on 07-24-2014
  • From Nothing to Source Control

    Source Control, often called Revision Control or Version Control, is a process of maintaining projects. It is essential for any software project, collaborative or otherwise. Below is a non-exhaustive list of benefits of Version Control: Version Control and Tracking Provides locking and serialized changes to any file Structure Everyone operates in the...
    Posted to Dan Evans' Blog (Weblog) by Dan Evans on 07-23-2014
  • Optimising SSIS Lookups with HASHBYTES()

    I was recently working on a load for a Dimension table which worked like the below. The package follows a fairly standard routine. Data for the Dimension is transformed into the required format using SSIS, following this it is inserted into the target table. On the way an initial check is made to determine if the record is new ‘LKU – Check Exists’ and...
    Posted to Jonathon Eve-O'Connor's Blog (Weblog) by JEOC on 07-14-2014