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New Microsoft Insider PPS Planning Blog

A great new PPS-P focused blog has been up and running for a good few weeks now.  Peter Eb., a developer on the PPS Excel add-in has started blogging some real gold with a mixture of definitions, 'howtos' and workarounds.  He's one of the resident experts on the Planning TechNet Forum and really knows his stuff ! Just as a taster, here are the headings of his last few posts: What does this PPS Planning workflow action mean? HOWTO: Select a time range that is dynamic (updates over time for a rolling forecast) HOWTO: Hide filters for dimensions that confuse users What does this status "xyz" mean for my assignments? What does the error "filter selection for dimension XYZ is not in the filter scope"? It's what Technical Blogging should be all about, brilliant!

Essential Adatis Blogs

I've been speaking to a couple of people recently that, although subscribe to my blog, are not aware of our PPS Planning Sharepoint Web Part that Tim has blogged about here and here.  This post is more of an awareness that we have other bloggers onboard and much of the content is of the 'essential' variety. Currently blogging are Tim, Martyn and Jeremy with our aggregated feed that includes the lot.

Best BI Blogs

These days if you want to keep up with all the latest news and developments (especially in our small little BI world) you need to follow the blogs of those who are in the know. Here are some of our favourites: An idea or two... SSIS expert Colin Kirkby (and top guy) Cutting edge! Chris Webb's BI Blog MDX Guru! (Thanks for the link Chris :) Christian Wade's Blog A bit quiet recently but still a great archive of posts Darren Gosbell [MVP] - Random Procrastination Australian BI guru and mastermind behind the excellent BIDS Helper Donald Farmer: Doing Data Integration Soft spoken Scot and MS Group program Manager (and fish farmer) some great posts.  Leading the data mining push at MS Establish. Execute. Evolve. Adrian Downes MS BI blog with some great PerformancePoint posts - Adrian co-wrote an excellent BSM book  with Nick Barclay (see below) Hitachi Consulting BI Blog A combined blog from the folks at Hitachi (though mostly Reed Jacobson) Intelligent Insight on PerformancePoint Ben Tamblyn is Solution Channel Development Manager for MS in the UK and has some great insight on what MS are up to in the BPM world JamieMac's Weblog Jamie MacLennan is AS Dev Manager at Microsoft - excellent data mining resource Microsoft Analysis Services Edward Melomed's Blog - The AS Program Manager and one of the original members of the AS team Microsoft Business Intelligence Blog Patrick Husting's blog - some good PerformancePoint posts here. Patrick is another BSM expert Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky The one and only.... Molding the Microsoft BI Stack Shameless plug for my business partner Sacha Tomey's excellent BI and .Net Blog Nick Barclay's BI Blog Nick is BSM expert and co author with Adrian Downes (see above) PerformancePoint Server 2007 Troy Scott is posting some of the best PPS blogs at the moment Random thoughts on Microsoft Business Intelligence products Patrice Truong's great SQL BI blog SimonS SQL Server Stuff More general SQL than BI but still a good read SQL BI Marco Russo - his bio is in Italian (but his excellent blog is in English) SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Mr Sutha Thiru - he never sleeps! SSIS Junkie Conchango's Jamie Thomson SSIS - if you haven't heard of him you should give up now! Thoughts of a Freelance Dolphin Trainer Steve Mchugh - A bit different but always entertaining and very knowledgeable ;) The Kirkopedia Kirk Hasselden - Kirk was development manager for SSIS and now focuses on Microsoft's MDM outlook Of course there's plenty more so apologies if I've missed anyone - please let me know and I'll add them. When I have a bit more time I'll add these to a link section on the site