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Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is to be introduced with Visual Studio 2008, and supports C#, VB and AJAX, and will integrate with current web technologies. 

Silverlight has been compared with Flash many a time, and it seems that is likely to come down to adoption of Silverlight.  Currently flash is the obvious choice for bringing multi media experiences to the web, and applications that run on a web platform. 

What we will be looking into is the potential use of Silverlight in business applications.  We will be keeping an eye on Silverlight and its potential use within business applications.

However, given the full integration with the CLR and ability to code in C#, the usages of Silverlight could be endless.  Here are a few Items to consider:

  1. WMV Playback on PC and Mac, Supports full-screen 720p video offers seamless transitions between full-screen and windowed mode without losing your position in the video
  2. Separates markup (XAML) from code, Silverlight provides a familiar web metaphor for designers and developers.
  3. Silverlight and HTML integrate seamlessly together. overlay HTML elements on top of Silverlight content. 
  4. Embed XAML directly into your HTML pages; There are only three steps necessary to add animation or media:
    1. Include a standard JavaScript file in your HTML header;
    2. Call a function to create the Silverlight object anywhere on the screen;
    3. Add some XAML content (an animation, some media) for runtime delivery.
  5. Full runtime interactivity with Silverlight content. The contents of the XAML file can be completely server-generated, to contain information populated from a database. There's nothing that you can only create or manipulate at design-time.
  6. Silverlight is around 1MB download on a PC, it supports Windows XP and above, with Windows 2000 support to come.
  7. Silverlight is blindingly fast; you can play many videos simultaneously without stuttering or dropping frames
  8. Silverlight is both client- and server-agnostic. No need for any Microsoft software on the server - you can deliver a great Silverlight experience from an Apache / Linux server to a Mac OS 10.4 client.
  9. Silverlight is almost 100% upward compatible with WPF. Animation, 2D vector graphics, media, text - they're all present in Silverlight and the concepts you've learnt in WPF carry forward