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WPF, the answer to those 'Problem' users?

A number of .NET 3.x application samples have been published over the last few months and one in particular has caught my eye.

Family.Show is a feature rich ClickOnce desktop based genealogy application developed by Vertigo using WPF. It's pretty impressive, and even if you are not into that sort of thing, well worth a look.

What really stood out for me is how close the family tree viewer was to the decomposition tree found in ProClarity and the PerformancePoint Server add-in for Excel. 


The clean, crisp, vector based UI allows slick and fast navigation of the entire data set that could, with a little imagination lend itself to a rather slick data analytical tool. 

This kind of UI really appeals to me and I think will also really appeal to those occasional 'problem' users that do not need to understand the full data model and are not interested in overcoming the learning curve of ProClarity or Excel but, on occasion need to analyse data.