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PerformancePoint Planning Account Type Crib Sheet - Update

I've updated my Account Type Crib Sheet.  It now has a back page where other PerformancePoint Planning types have been detailed.

Included are:

- Flow
- Biz System Flag
- Business Process
- Consolidation Method
- Entity Type
- Exchange Rate
- Time Data View

I've given it a new name too - it's now the 'PerformancePoint Planning Predefined Types Crib Sheet'.  Imaginative or what!?

image image

You can download it using the link below

PPS-P PTC.xps (236.90 kb)


Comments (4) -

  • Anonymous

    4/23/2008 2:03:36 PM | Reply

    Thanks for putting the crib sheet together.  Looking forward to seeing it.

  • Slimmx

    11/12/2008 2:27:08 PM | Reply

    Hello, it seems that the file "PPS Planning Predefined Types Crib Sheet" does not exist anymore Cry

  • sachatomey

    11/12/2008 2:41:27 PM | Reply

    You need to register (join) this site to see the available downloads.


  • Slimmx

    11/12/2008 2:45:45 PM | Reply

    Ho thank you, I tried but the list was still blank, i refreshed the page and the files appeared.