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The Second Annual Microsoft BI Conference, 6th-8th October 2008 - Seattle

I was unable to make the first Microsoft BI Conference in Seattle last year but Tim made it, and reported that it was a great excuse for an extended weekend of partying and snowboarding in Whistler way to meet like minded people, learn the latest buzz and feel part of the BI Community.

Well, this year I can make it and I will be joining Tim and Jeremy for the duration.  Bad luck for me though, it's too early for snow ! ;o)

I've checked out the Tracks and Sessions and there is quite a few I'm up for.  They haven't published the schedules yet so whether I can jump tracks and still fit everything will remain to be seen but here are my picks:

Business Value
- Emerging Trends and Technologies in the Business Intelligence Market
- The Path to Pervasive Performance Management
- The ROI of Performance Management

Clients and Applications Track
- Advanced Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 Planning Business Rules and Calculations
- Integrating Microsoft Dynamics Data for Planning, Analysis and Reporting in Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 
- The 4th Annual BI Power Hour

Customer Track
- Master Data Management (MDM) Customer Roundtable
- Successfully Implementing the Complete Microsoft BI Stack
- The Evolution of “Difference Makers” at Energizer Holdings, Inc. Using Microsoft Business Intelligence

Deployment & Best Practices Track
- Designing High Performance Cubes in SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services
- Mastering Master Data Management
- Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 Planning - Implementation Tips And Tricks

Partner Track
- BI Unplugged - a Panel Discussion

Platforms and Infrastructure Track
- Optimizing Query Performance in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services
- SQL Server 2008 & Beyond
- SQL Server 2008 Integration Services New Features and Enhancements

Phew!  Well, after that lot I'm definitely gonna need a drink, so if you fancy a bevvy, hunt me down, be great to hook up !