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New PerformancePoint Contoso Demo - Released

Amidst my write up of the first day of the Microsoft BI Conference, I mentioned a new planning demo suite was imminent, and I would post more information about the demos soon.  Well, as it has now been officially released (27th October) I can spill the beans...

Taken directly from the PPS Planning Forum announcement, the demo..

.. consists of Planning and Financial Consolidation demo. It shows how the fictitious Contoso Group uses Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server for planning, statutory consolidation and data analysis.

Well, I'm proud to announce that Adatis, in the shape of my colleague Jeremy Kashel, designed and built the PerformancePoint Planning element of the suite.  The PerformancePoint Financial Consolidation element was conceived and developed by our friends at Solitwork of Denmark.

The demo can be downloaded from here...

...and is part of the next 'All Up BI VPC' (Version 7).

Great work guys!

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  • awhitehouse

    11/6/2008 2:16:11 PM | Reply

    Hi Sacha,

    Look forward to seeing the demo!

    Any idea when then the Version 7 of the VPC will be released?   I am assuming after SP2 so it can take advantage of SQL 2008?


  • sachatomey

    11/7/2008 9:21:26 AM | Reply

    Hi Alan,

    Version 7 was available at the BI Conference - I think that's where we got our copy.

    I'm not sure of the official public release date.  As for SP2 - no, i don't think that will be part of it - it's not included on the version we have :-(