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Setting up PerformancePoint Monitoring Design Role Security

There's lot of info out there about setting up the application pool identity so that you can set up data sources for dashboards (For example).  However there seems to be very little about the various roles that are used in the Dashboard Designer and how to set them up.

If you try and connect to the Dashboard designer without appropriate access it will let you open the application and try and create data sources etc but you'll just get an error message like the one below when you try and connect to a server.


Granting Permissions is a bit hidden away if you don't know where to look and you need to be logged as an existing monitoring server administrator to do this:

  1. Click on the office icon top left and then the Options button.
  2. On the Server tab of the new window that pops up you'll see a Connect button.
  3. Enter the server name e.g. http://servername:40000/WebService/PmService.asmx
  4. Click the Connect button - if you're not an existing Monitoring Server admin (or a local admin on the monitoring box) you'll get an error message here
  5. If all is well the Server Options and Permissions buttons will get enabled
  6. Click Permissions and then Add on the next window and you'll see the window at the centre of the image below.
  7. Enter the user name and select the role you want to put that user in. If you want to put someone in two different roles (e.g. Power Reader and Data Source Manager) just add them twice.


There are four different roles available:

  • Admin. (unsurprisingly) full rights over the server to build dashboards, administer security etc.  Members of the (windows) administrator group on the Monitoring server are automatically put in this group.
  • Data Source Manager. Create, delete and publish data sources on the monitoring server.
  • Creator. Create any dashboard element (and delete any that they own - see below).
  • Power Reader. Read-only access to everything.
  • Finally, there is a further level to the security that allows you to assign any domain user to have rights to a particular dashboard element without them having to be members of any role on the server.

    To do this open the element that you wish to amend the permissions for and select the  Properties tab.  At the bottom you'll see a Permissions section.  In here you can add any domain user as an editor or reader.


    Don't forget to click publish after you've changed the security for any dashboard element.

    Happy Day of the Dead!!

    PerformancePoint Server Protocol Handler

    Update: The web part is now in beta test - more here

    When you install the PerformancePoint add-in for Excel it also installs the PerformancePoint Server protocol handler.  This allows you to send out hyperlinks for assignments in e-mails etc so that users can simply click on the link and open their assignment in Excel.  The links are in the format:


    However despite the strong links between SharePoint and PerformancePoint you can't put these into PPS hyperlinks into a SharePoint links list as the links won't validate with PerformancePoint: tagged on the front.  And of course this list wouldn't be dynamic based on the users own assignments.

    To overcome this, we are currently working on a SharePoint custom webpart for one of our clients that will automatically pick up the users personal assignments.  If anyone is interested drop me a line and I'll be happy to send you a copy once it's a bit more complete.

    Happy Halloween!!

    PerformancePoint Version Numbers

    Yeah yeah I know; - there's only one version released so far but for those of you who have been working with the CTP releases it is possible to have got a version of one of the products out of sync at some point (cough! aherm!)

    Release Version Number
    CTP 3 3.0.3301.00
    CTP 4 3.0.3451.00
    MSDN 3.0.3520.00
    Eval Edition 3.0.3520.00
    Cumulative Update 1 3.0.3711.00
    Service Pack 1 (Planning) 3.0.3917.00
    Service Pack 1 (Monitoring) 3.0.4107.00
    Service Pack 2 (P & M) 3.0.4209.00

    Note that both the Eval edition and version you can download from MSDN have the same version numbers although the one on MSDN isn't badged as Eval. 

    I'll keep this post updated as and when new version get released


    Adatis have moved!

    It was getting a bit cramped in London so as of 1st October, our new address will be:

    Lynton House
    Station Approach
    GU22 7PY

    All other contact details remain the same.

    SAP buys Business Objects

    One of the BI/BPM world's worst kept secrets is officially announced - SAP has bought Business Objects for $6.8, billion nearly twice as much as Oracle bought Hyperion for. 

    There were some (aherm) who thought this was just a rumour to inflate BOBJ's share price.  It leaves Cognos as the only big "independent" in amongst the major players.  Let the rumours begin (or rather continue)... I don't think this guy is too far off the mark

    Community Service

    It's been a busy week combining a release in my current project with getting out and about in the community!

    Wednesday evening was the SQL BI user group.  Suranjan Som of IM Group gave a very good presentation on Data Mining using Microsoft's toolkit.  I have to be honest, I last looked at the data mining functionality in SQL2000 on my first AS project what seems like years ago now - it's definitely worth another look now.

    Mark Hill of Edenbrook gave us a summary of the features in the Katmai relational engine that will affect us in the BI world.  Having used CDC in Oracle I was most interested to see how MS have gone about implementing their version.  On first impressions it certainly looks pretty good - performance and robustness TBC!

    It was great to catch up with some people I haven't seen for a while and also meet some new faces.  Thanks to Chris Webb for organising and to IMGroup for hosting.

    The MS BI partner update was on Thursday and a chance for us to do some hob-knobbing with the rest of the UK BI community.  As a growing company we realise the importance of these type of events and appreciate it when people give us the time of day and more! Thanks in particular to Ben Tamblyn, Andrew Fryer and David Hoffs-Mallion for their advice and time

    In terms of the event itself, nothing too surprising to report - though the fact that ProClarity won't be properly integrated into PPS Server as the Analytics component until the next major release (2009) was little surprising.

    PerformancePoint Evaluation Release

    The first "official" release of PPS Server 2007 is now available on MS public downloads, albeit an evaluation copy



    I've not installed it yet so not sure whether there's anything in that didn't make it to CTP 4 but Nick Barclay has posted on the fact that the SAP BW connector for Monitoring has been cut from the release!

    Still no sign of a full release on MSDN?

    I'll update once I've had a look around.  Oh and the sample data is back!

    PerformancePoint Server 2007 UK Launch (Details)

    As Sacha posted the other day the UK launch for PerformancePoint Server is on the 16th October and it looks like we'll be getting a proper do like the US with Dr Robert Kaplan presenting.  Bruno Aziza will also be making the trip over as will Peter Klein (CFO of MS Business division).  No Jeff Raikes but still sure to be some super-excitement!

    The details and registration are available here