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Connecting to AS2000 from X64 Excel Services - SharePoint

I can’t imagine too many people will have this issue, but just in case you you have a similar environment it’s bad news I’m afraid.  Connections from 64-bit applications to AS2000 aren’t possible as there is no x64 oledb 8.0 AS driver.  If you’re running IA64 then you’re fine as MS built a library for this version (?)

The alternatives? Run SharePoint and IIS in 32-bit mode or, probably better, point out to your boss/customer/IT dept that 2010 subtract 2000 = 10 years and that it really is time to upgrade to the wonders of SQL2008 R2.  The fact they can actually get support for this version might help swing it ;)

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  • Anonymous

    7/2/2010 9:20:44 PM | Reply

    I am truly amazed when I hear that people are still using AS2000. Crazy.  The fact that they would be looking at Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 along with other x64 products before upgrading AS is funny.