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Double MVP award for Adatis

I was struggling to write this post without too much trumpet blowing, but luckily Matt has done that for us!

I'm very pleased to announce that both Sacha and myself have both been awarded Microsoft MVP for 2009.  Whilst this is somewhat surprising it's also nice to know that someone is taking notice of the extra effort that goes into blogging, presenting, answering forum questions, developing freeware like our PPS planning web part etc.

Thanks as ever to the outstanding Adatis team who've earned this just as much as we have.

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  • Chris Webb

    1/5/2009 9:33:44 PM | Reply

    Congratulations! You deserve it, and it's another famous victory for the UK MS BI community.

    Of course you realise that now you're obliged to speak at the next SQLBits and other user group events if you want to keep your status Wink

  • NickBarclay

    1/6/2009 1:04:14 AM | Reply

    Congrats guys! Well done and well deserved!


  • PeterEb

    1/6/2009 1:22:10 AM | Reply

    Congratulations, although now you'll fall off the top answerers list (to reappear under the new division that lists you under MVP)

  • Dan English

    1/6/2009 2:45:06 AM | Reply

    Congratulations on receiving the MVP recognition!