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I was a little surprised to see that (as of June 2008) there are already 329 people certified in PerformancePoint (i.e. have passed the 70-556 exam) and whilst it's not the hardest exam (IMO compared to 445 and 446) it's a good sign that PPS uptake is getting stronger and stronger.

Mind you most of the 329 probably work for CapGemini who should have had 3000 consultants trained in PPS by the end of 2007!! Amazing ;)

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  • BIeasystreet

    7/25/2008 6:45:53 AM | Reply

    Thanks for providing the link showing the number of people certified worldwide as I found it quite interesting.  I agree that I find that number, 329, to be surprisingly high.  Especially since the exam has only been around since January 2008, and the first Planning book wasn't published until January 2008 as well.  Anyway, count me in as one of the 329.  And I don't work for CapGemini!  bieasystreet.wordpress.com/.../

    - ez street